System Monitoring

System Monitoring Services

It is the responsibility of a system administrator to ensure that the system does not run out of various resources like CPU Usage, Memory Consumption, Input Output Operations, Network, Disk Usage, Process etc. System Monitoring component helps you to monitor these resources and establish the performance metrics of the system. System Resources Monitoring helps understanding system's resource usage which can help you with your system management. You can monitor the uptime of the system, the log details associated with the system, free space on one or more hard drives, networking information such as the IP Address, current number of logged in users, upload and download rates, computer name, voltage supply, username, fan speeds and much more. System Monitoring ensures that your system is functionally stable and working efficiently. System Monitoring provides you with data relating to your operating system and when used in conjunction with other monitoring data from the application you get a true glimpse into the working of your system.


AppPerfect offers System Monitoring solution in the form of AppPerfect Agentless Monitor. AppPerfect's System Monitoring is the ideal solution to monitor your system's resources. AppPerfect's System Monitoring is found to be most affordable, cost effective, efficient, reliable and accurate solution by its customers. Regular agents impose a substantial overhead on your system resources in terms of CPU and memory. By contrast, AppPerfect's Server Monitoring solution implements Agentless Architecture and uses existing Operating System services to extract system resource usage information. System Monitoring with AppPerfect is extremely lightweight and adds negligible overhead to target system while monitoring.